Yo-kai Watch’s June 27 New Title Announcement Event Teases A Smartphone Game


We recently learned that Level-5 is hosting a special Yo-kai Watch event on June 27 where a new title that is not Yo-kai Watch 4 will be announced, and a new visual has teased a smartphone game for the event.

The visual comes from Level-5’s official website for the announcement of the Yo-kai Watch 5th Anniversary Title Announcement Event that is set to take place on June 27. A live stream will be available for fans who want to check out the event via YouTube Live.


While no further information was shared, the visual teases a smartphone game with Jibanyan and Komasan holding smartphones. A closer look at the artwork shows various Yokai walking around in the city streets, so it looks like it could possibly be something along the lines of a Pokémon GO-style game for the Yo-kai Watch series.


For those of you waiting to see more for Yo-kai Watch 4 that was announced for Nintendo Switch back in April, we’ll get to see it a few days ahead of the event when a new trailer drops on June 23, 2018.

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