Yoko Taro On Animal Crossing: Pocket Camp, His Best Of 2017, And A… Lovely Message For The Fans



Yoko Taro didn’t share any news for future work in 4Gamer’s year-end talk with the developers, but he did have some… interesting things to talk about his favorite things of 2017, and a lovely message for fans.


Of the games released in 2017, which title were you most impressed (or shocked) by?

Title: Animal Crossing: Pocket Camp

Yoko Taro: I’ve been telling everyone, but Animal Crossing’s latest title on smartphone is amazing. It is missing various functions from the 3DS version, but to make up for it, the framework is made for a social game and I can’t get enough of the  the gentle characters. As I level higher, the number of offerings the animals demand casually keeps increasing, so I think the sense of fear that comes from wondering “If these animals’ requests become extreme then what will they demand from me!?” is part of its good spice. I’m already trembling while waiting for the moment I lose myself and become impoverished in the social game world that never ends.


Of the entertainment contents that released in 2017, which left the biggest impression?

Yoko Taro: I don’t watch that many films, but I enjoyed Blade Runner 2049. It was a beautiful film.


Who caught your attention the most in 2017?

Yoko Taro: It feels like I write this every year, but it would be The Last Guardian director Fumito Ueda. I think it’ll still be a few more years until his next title releases, but I want to chafe against it already, so please announce a new title. Also, I’m waiting for a new title from Hiroshi Iuchi of M2…


Please share your ambitions for 2018 and a message for our readers

Yoko Taro: This year was a year that saw the release of many things I’ve worked on like the release of NieR: Automata, the release of SINoALICE, the book for the Kimi Shi ni Tamou Koto Nakare.


I’ve come to realize just how much fans love me, and how happy that makes me… so, during an autograph event a girl caught my eye and I decided to follow her back to her house, but she didn’t let me in her room, which I thought was weird, because she is my fan after all, so I grabbed a crowbar-like thing and opened her room’s door for an explanation, but she was only screaming and would not listen, and before I realized, she was on the ground covered in blood, and I didn’t do anything wrong, and she wasn’t responding, and since I couldn’t help I left from the balcony running as fast as I could, and when I finally arrived to a building I broke and entered through the back window and hid inside a closet. Then I sensed someone coming in, so I slowly snuck behind them, raising the crowbar. Right now, behind you.

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