Yomawari Creeps Up With A Smartphone Release In Japan, Here’s A New Trailer



    The original Yomawari: Night Alone first released for the PS Vita back in October 2015 and Nippon Ichi wants fans to try it out again with a new smartphone version that just released in Japan.


    Check out a new trailer made for the release of Yomawari on smartphones:

    A young girl is walking her dog Poro around town at dusk when a tragic accident forces her to return home with only Poro’s leash in hand. The girl’s sister commands her to stay home while she goes out into the night to search for the dog. Time passes. Growing impatient, the girl decides to search for her missing sister and dog herself.

    But when she steps foot outside, she realizes that this is not the same town. The darkness has made the town unfamiliar, and she appears to be utterly alone…save for the spirits that stalk her. The girl must hide from, outsmart, or outrun the hunting spirits while she searches for clues to find her loved ones.


    Earlier this month Nippon Ichi Software announced that it will be putting in more effort into the mobile market with several single-pay apps that also includeShin Hayarigami, Go, Reversi, Mahjong, Chess, and more.


    Yomawari: Night Alone is available for PlayStation Vita, Nintendo Switch, and PC. The game is now available in Japan for iOS and Android.

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