YoRHA Gets New Cute ‘Androids’ with Black Butler Black Label’s Bitter Rabbit x NieR: Automata Collaboration

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YoRHa has two new battle ready android soldiers, but beware: they’re so cute that even Yoko Taro, NiER: NieR: Automata’s creator, is excited about them. Meet Bitter Rabbits 2B and 9S, stuffed NieR: Automata bunnies. [Thanks, Game Watch!]

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These plush toys are a part of a new collaboration from Square Enix. It pairs NieR: Automata with Black Butler Black Label’s Bitter Rabbit mascot character. Black Butler is a popular anime and manga franchise owned by Square Enix, which is currently being localized in English. Additionally, Black Butler has a Nintendo DS game, which has received a fan-made localization.

The Bitter Rabbit NieR: Automata bunnies will sport big, round rabbit ears and ice white fur, which contrasts sharply with their monochromatic outfits. Additionally, each doll will measure about 140 millimeters tall, or 5.5 inches. They can be displayed in or out of their clear boxes. 

2B will sport her jet-black uniform, with silver detailing and lace on her dress. Also, 2B will even have gloves and her in-game visor. 9S will also sport his YoRHa uniform, including fabric boots and a backpack across his back. Both of their visors are tied into a bow at the back of their head.

Additionally, each doll will come in a clear box that can be used to display the plush inside. The box is detailed with lacework and Machines. They’ll also come with a keychain attachment.

2B and 9S are currently available to preorder for ¥2,900 (roughly $27.40), excluding shipping on Square Enix Japan’s website. Reservations for 2B will remain open until April 18, 2020, while reservations for 9S will remain open until May 28, 2020.

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