Yoshinori Ono And Katsuhiro Harada Challenge Each Other At Silly Games



Street Fighter producer Yoshinori Ono and Tekken producer will always consider themselves eternal rivals—the Ryu and Ken, or Jin and Hwoarang—of fighting game makers. In a recent event, the two went at it in contest full of shenanigans.



Harada might come off as the more serious badass of the two, but even he can’t contain himself when he’s around Ono, as they begin the video talking about their respective series’ anniversaries… with high-pitched helium voices.


This event is part of Tekken’s 20th anniversary, hosted by Bandai Namco, where Harada will try his best to defeat Ono in a series of hilarious challenges that took place several years ago, where Ono won by a score of 7 to 6. This time, they challenge each other in contests like balancing on balls, Jenga with electrical massager pads at full power, giant rubber band pulling with their mouths, and toilet paper un-rolling.


Harada once again shows that not only his characters are tough, but the creator himself as he managed to kick a bat in half, while Ono ended up hurting himself, followed by a tantrum after defeat, to which Harada said “this guy’s always been like that.”


The rules seem pretty messed up as they both get away with cheating on several occasions, but the best example is when they eat sushi with blindfolds while trying not to get any with massive amounts of wasabi.


In the end, Ono ends up getting the bad one (after Harada cheated), and the staff member can be heard saying “we don’t have any water” after Ono asks for some in pain while on the floor. He responds by saying “Bannam [Bandai Namco] don’t even have any water?!”


Harada wins the Revenge Match challenge by a score of 4-3. Perhaps we’ll see the two going at it again for the tie-breaker sometime in the future. Either way, it’s always fun watching these two compete, whether it’s by making video games or scoffing down dangerous sushi.

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