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Yoshi’s New Island Art Makes Us All Warm And Fuzzy Inside


This month’s Nintendo Miiverse Art Academy contest featured Yoshi’s New Island. And man, are these things cute. Like, really cute. Sitting in on the judging panel was Tezuka Takashi, whose choice of winners leaves us feeling really warm and fuzzy. That picture of poor Yoshi in the pot trying to keep Mario out! TOO CUTE!!!!


As in past contests, these illustrations were all done using Art Academy: Sketchpad on the Wii U by the by, showing how versatile that piece of software is.


Gold Winners:


gold02  gold03




Silver Winners:


silver02 silver03

silver04 silver05

silver06 silver07


Tezuka’s Personal Favorites Awards:

These were awards he gave to those works he felt were of “outstanding quality” but didn’t quite fit in the rules of the contest.



tezuka01 tezuka03


Art Academy Favorite Awards:

These are awarded to those who impressed the Art Academy developers for their use of the system. We have to say these are pretty snazzy!