Yoshi’s Woolly World’s Mellow Mode Can Still Offer A Challenge




The Yoshi’s Island games have always been bright, colorful reprieves. They’re less strenuous than other platformers and are more about enjoying the experience than facing overwhelming odds. They can be difficult at times, but prioritize fun over possible frustration. Yoshi’s Woolly World takes this up a notch with Mellow Mode, an option that gives Yoshi wings that allow him to infinitely float over danger if the jump button is held.


Here’s the thing, though. Mellow Mode doesn’t necessarily mean Easy. Yoshi’s Woolly World offers a consistent experience in both gameplay modes, allowing someone to swap between them whenever a player wants. All it does is give a player wings. This doesn’t guarantee success or survival. It’s still very possible to succumb to hazards within the mode. Flying doesn’t solve everything, especially if Yoshi is in a cramped space or can’t jump high enough to fly over enemies. It isn’t as though he’s suddenly able to zip around danger.




It does provide enough of an edge to ensure survival when it comes to difficult levels, especially when combined with badges. People can purchase a badge to do things like clear a level, keep from dying if they fall into a gap, increase Yoshi’s ground pound ability, and more. If one of these buffs is purchased with beads and combined with Mellow Mode, Yoshi’s Woolly World really does enter the realm of super easy baby mode.


For people who don’t need Yoshi’s Woolly World to practically beat itself, Mellow Mode can be a help when shooting for 100% level completion. The ability to hover indefinitely is incredibly useful when someone needs to scour areas for any beads, flowers, or yarn skeins left behind. I’ve even turned it on a few times to make sure I grabbed every bit of yarn and save all the Yoshis.


Yoshi’s Woolly World is immediately available for the Nintendo Wii U. It’s $49.99 alone and $59.99 with a green Yarn Yoshi amiibo.

Jenni Lada
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