You Can Now Go On VR Dates With Asuna In Sword Art Online VR: Lovely Honey Days



The latest Sword Art Online game on smartphone is an interactive VR title called Sword Art Online VR: Lovely Honey Days, and it lets you go on dates and participate in various activities with Asuna.



In Sword Art Online VR: Lovely Honey Days, you’re actually seeing things through the eyes of Kirito, meaning you’ll get to see a different side of Asuna when she’s alone with Kirito.



There are various situation stages including the beach, hot springs, quest, and more.



There’s also a photography mode to take pictures of Asuna.



And a variety of activities such as cooking together with Asuna. By playing your communication cards right, you’ll get to even do “this and that” with Asuna, and the choices you make also affect the ending you get.


Sword Art Online VR: Lovely Honey Days is now available in Japan for iOS and Android.

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