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You Can Pet the Palamute in Monster Hunter Rise

Monster Hunter Rise Palamute

The official Monster Hunter Rise Twitter will be releasing new introductory videos every Tuesday and Thursday, and the first video stars the Palamute. This first demonstration video of the series shows how the player will be able to interact with this friendly new companion. And yes, you can pet the Palamute.

Other non-combat interactions involve a “shake” command where the player will be able to shake their Palamute’s paw. The final command shown in the short demonstration video involves placing a treat on the Palamute’s nose. Naturally, the Palamute will be able to assist players in combat as well.

You can watch the demonstration video below:

Previously disclosed information revealed that players would be able to ride the Palamute through the areas of Monster Hunter Rise. And, similarly to the Palico, this friendly new companion will also assist the player in combat. During the Tokyo Game Show 2020 Capcom presentation, the developers mentioned that the Palamute will count as a combat companion. Those looking to engage in cooperation with other players will need to pick between the two options when playing with others, as only one of these companions can be taken into multiplayer hunts.

Recently, the developers behind Monster Hunter Rise confirmed that there will be fourteen weapon styles in the upcoming title.

Monster Hunter Rise will launch exclusively on the Nintendo Switch on March 26, 2021.

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