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You Design Your Own Movements And Attacks In This Robot Fighting Game



The idea behind online multiplayer robot fighting game Voice of Steel is that you design your own attack animations and movements. It’s this that determines how well your robot will fare in the fights. As the game’s creators describe it, instead of playing as the robot, you are its operator, coach, manager, and mechanic. At the moment, Voice of Steel is on Kickstarter where its creators are seeking $10,000 in funding to bring the finished game to PC, Xbox One, and PlayStation 4.


The team making it hasn’t cut any corners, either. There are no ragdoll physics here. Instead, the team has created its own physics system that has more than 2000 connections across 16 modules, simulating rigid structures, joints, tendons, and muscles. And all of these are completely malleable so that you can create entirely unique animations for your own customizable robot fighter.



The only way to win a fight in Voice of Steel is to have your robot deliver a blow to its opponent that has a big impact. But the robot won’t deliver it by itself. When the fight is on, you don’t just watch, you coach from the sidelines. You can use keyboard and gamepad combinations to shout in commands at your robot to follow, egging it on – as said, it’s not a one-to-one combat system. However, as the title of the game alludes to, a better option might be to use the voice commands that you can assign each move you create. The reason for doing this, reasons the creative team, is that it’s easier to remember the name of a move rather than the button combination.


As the game accounts for the mass and the velocity of each collider there should be no easy way to cheat in these fights.  But to make sure of it, the team making the game says that every battle will be simulated on the server side that, it reckons, should prevent cheating. This should also allow the game to run a lot better on lower end computers.



The idea of the game is to take a robot fighter through a tournament to win a potential $100 million in rewards as well as a title belt. But to get to the top you’ll need to work your way through the many leagues that adopt “fight to death” rules.

Chris Priestman