You Grow Mutations By Drinking Booze In Post-Apocalyptic Shooter WASTED



Arthur “Mr. Podunkian” Lee has revealed his next game to be a roguelike post-apocalyptic pub crawler called WASTED that’ll be published by Adult Swim Games on Steam this fall.


You play as a Waster in what is left of 1980s America after it was turned to ashes, fighting for the resources that are left with the hardiest of survivors, and swigging down irradiated booze to grant your character permanent mutations. “Gain strange mutational Hangovers and explore the Coolers, mysterious underground bunkers, in search of powerful weapons, impressive armor, and a nice stiff drink to top it all off,” reads the game’s description.


Environments are procedurally generated, and full or raiders, mutants, and traps to deal with. There are also Coolers to work your way to the bottom of in search of loot – you can sneak through, go in guns blazing, or have the inhabitants fight among themselves.


You also get a persistent player home to customize with the junk you find on your travels, and where you can grab weapons and supplies. There are also non-hostile NPCs to be found in the world who will trade with you.


If you didn’t know, Arthur Lee has been around making small violent games for the past decade or so, either as part of a larger team or on his own, including many parody games such as 8-BITar Hero, Merry Gear Solid, and Enough Plumbers. He’s also been working on and off since 2005 on a larger project of his called The Underside. He once had a love-hate rivalry going with Spelunky creator Derek Yu.

Chris Priestman