You Have To Rely On Friends To Help You Disarm A Bomb In This Game

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Keep Talking And Nobody Explodes is probably going to cause a few temporary breakups. If not between couples then probably between groups of friends.


The idea is to disarm a bomb. The catch is that the person doing the disarming is given no clue by the game as to how the bomb can be disarmed. Instead, they must talk to someone else who has the manual needed to defuse it. Also crucial to this set-up is the fact that the person or people with the manual cannot see the bomb.


So it’s a game about quick and precise communication. One person is trapped in a virtual room (it has virtual reality headset support) and left to solve a fiddly puzzle with knobs, timers, and wires. The others need to find out what that person can see in order to decipher the instructions they require.


If you have some people you can with then you may want to give Keep Talking And Nobody Explodes a try. It’s available to buy on Steam.

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