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You May Be Able To Unlock Fighters Early In Super Smash Bros. Ultimate With Amiibo


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Best Buy Canada has revealed via its overview for Wolf, Inkling, and Ridley’s amiibo that the figurines may be usable to unlock Fighters early, as Super Smash Bros. Ultimate will start off with only the original characters from Super Smash Bros. on N64 available to choose. [Thanks, Source Gaming!]


Here’s the description for Wolf’s amiibo, as an example:

Access a whole new level of fun and smash the competition with this Super Smash Bros amiibo. A former fighter in Andross’ army, the Wolf now leads his own mercenary team, and he’s not one you want to cross. Simply tap the amiibo accessory to the NFC touchpoint on your game system to unlock this Space Pirate.


Super Smash Bros. Ultimate designer Masahiro Sakurai has stated that the method of unlocking characters has been streamlined, and that characters will be easier to unlock this time around. However, it seems that players can take a shortcut via amiibo, and from the fact that the game will support every amiibo of that character even from different lines, amiibo like Daisy from the Super Mario line will also most likely be able to unlock the newly joining Echo Fighter right away.


Super Smash Bros. Ultimate launches for Nintendo Switch on December 7, 2018.

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