You Must Brew Your Combat Abilities In Potions: A Curious Tale


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As young witch Luna, players will need to find ingredients and find ways to mix them to fight off the monsters in the fairytale lands of Potions: A Curious Tale.




Set to release in Spring 2017, Potions: A Curious Tale encourages players to take care when they tackle the creatures that stand in their path. All of Luna’s combat abilities come from the potions the player brews, which are concocted from items found in the environments and world. If Luna has no available potions left to attack with, she cannot fight. She can use other monsters and the environment to deal with danger, though.




Players can experiment with the ingredients they find to create new potions, finding new offensive and puzzle-solving brews. Not all of the game’s creatures, many inspired from mythology and folklore, can be fought, though, but with a little help from Luna’s cat familiar, her grandmother, and clever players, she’ll be able to overcome them all.

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