You Must Build A Boat Is The Frantic Puzzle-RPG Sequel To 10000000, With Added Monster Taming



After three years of development, Luca Redwood has announced that You Must Build A Boat, which is his follow-up to the popular match-3 RPG 10000000, was released for Windows, Mac, Linux, iOS and Android on June 4th.


As you’ll see in the new trailer, which you can watch above, the main challenge of You Must Build A Boat is to, well, build a boat. You’ll have to go on missions to collect resources to build out rooms and features. After the boat is finished, you can then take it to places such as The Vault, The Gallery, The Mage Tower, and Hell, all in order to find a crew to recruit who will help you find treasure.


ItsTheFighting ChillingOnABoat

The other half of You Must Build A Boat will be familiar to anyone who played 10000000. Yes, the dungeon crawling is still the frantic tile-matching gameplay, but this time it’s a little more complex. For starters, before you get to the dungeon crawling match-3 parts, you’ll have to work your way through a choose-your-own-adventure style section, exploring new areas and making decisions that will affect what gets thrown at you.


This is part of what Redwood describes as the game’s “random and non-random dungeon modifiers that change how each run has to be be played.” You’re also able to capture the monsters that you fight to bring them along with you as allies into other fights.

Chris Priestman