You Survive Subaeria By Pitting Murderous Robots Against Each Other


Studios Illogika has announced that its roguelike action puzzler Subaeria will be heading to Steam Early Access on September 22nd.


It takes place in a future world in which technology completely rules and this has led to the creation of an underwater city called Subaeria. Your mission is to escape as the robots inside the city have become murderous.


The problem is that you only have a personal drone with you and no weapons. So, to survive, you have to pit the robots that come after you against each other through traps and trickery.


“Players can manipulate both their character and a hovering tool, their Drone, to trick and influence enemies into defeating each other and themselves,” explains Studios Illogika. “Along the way, they’ll find many skills to upgrade their Drone and give them an edge needed to survive. They’ll have to make strategic decisions in how they progress through the city and what skills they keep and discard in order to survive long enough to witness the resolution of each character’s story.”


Being influenced by roguelikes, if you die in Subaeria you die for good, and will have to restart the journey over again with new random elements to react to. There are four different characters for you to choose from and they each have their own narrative arc to follow.

Chris Priestman