You’d Think It Impossible To Have Card Mechanics In A Slot Machine…



Saint Seiya Cosmo Slottle is a pachislot game featuring the various Saints from the Saint Seiya series duking it out against foes using slot reels. The game’s been converted into a smartphone title, and one of the more interesting things we discovered is that the slot reels change depending on which Saints you decide to bring along for the ride.


So Seiya himself, for instance, gets more “punch” slots in his reel. This makes for a slightly more tactical game where you actively have to consider which allies you want to bring into play to get better chances at winning. Well, who’d have thought we might be able to game the system that way, eh?




By leveling up your Saints, you’ll also be able to “strengthen” the reel. We’re not sure what that actually means, but it does suggest icons might be added or changed to give even better chances to win. While spinning your wheel, the game takes on some RPG tones with hit points for your characters (We’re not sure what happens if they get knocked out, such as whether you lose or have a way to revive them) and has you pummel down foes including, eventually, boss characters. You’ll also be able to have other players assist you in fights.



Saint Seiya Cosmo Slottle is out now on iOS and Android.