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Youkai Watch’s Latest Trailer Shows Town Exploration, Ghost Hunting


After recently announcing that Youkai Watch is set to have an anime air in 2014 and a manga series this December, Level-5 also revealed the latest trailer showing off a bunch of the game’s features.



As previously reported, in Youkai Watch, you’ll be playing as either Keita Amano or Fumika Kodama, who have the ability to interact with the many Japanese folklore monsters dwelling in Sakura New Town. Above is a look at Youkai Watch’s latest trailer that shows what it’s like to live everyday life in Sakura New Town, with the ability to scope out youkai monsters wherever you go.



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You’ll get to freely explore the many areas of the town and look for youkai practically everywhere you go, thanks to the Youkai Watch device that allows you to see them, unlike ordinary folks. You’ll have to look in every nook and cranny for some of these monsters, as they tend to hide in strange places such as underneath cars or on top of power lines.



In addition to going ghost hunting, you’ll also get to spend some time looking for bugs or going fishing in Sakura New Town.



The trailer also gives us a glimpse at the game’s touchscreen heavy battle system, that will involve actions such as smashing, tickling and hitting the youkai. As an extra bonus, Youkai Watch has a feature that allows you to use your 3DS camera to spot out any youkai that may be creeping around you.


You can check out our earlier report for a closer look at the characters and youkai, along with some features.


Youkai Watch is slated for release on July 11th for Nintendo 3DS.

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