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You’ll Fight Titans, Build Cities, Play With Friends In Boundless For PS4 And PC


Wonderstruck has released a new trailer for its upcoming open-world sandbox game Boundless. It’s coming to PlayStation 4 and PC in 2016.


Boundless supplies you with a number of procedurally generated worlds that you can travel between from a hub. What you do inside these worlds is up to you – you can explore, mine for rare materials, build epic structures, fight massive Titans, or setup shop and trade your treasures.


While the universes are open to all online players you can claim bits of land inside them by putting down a beacon. What you find there is then yours and no one can touch it if you wish – unless they want to buy it off you. You can also build a home inside your territory and know your possessions inside will be safe.


To make it easier to find friends and their worlds in the universe you can create portals to travel to them instantly. You can also set these up to travel to other places such as mining locations or huge cities good for trading.


Outside of the economy and crafting, Boundless has Protectors for you to battle, who attack on sight and always in groups, hence it’s best to take friends with you. Plus, you’ll need the right weaponry, skills, and equipment to beat them. Beyond Protectors there are Titans, which are enormous flying beings infested with Protectors, and that will take a lot of planning to take down.


You can find out more about Boundless over on its website.

Chris Priestman