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How You’ll Get To Steal Eggs And Make Them Into Your Friends In Monster Hunter Stories



You’ll befriend plenty of Otomon, or friendly monsters, in Monster Hunter Stories, but the latest video shows how you’ll first need to steal eggs from unsuspecting monsters. Yeah, sounds kind of mean.


The video is the first of the “Lilia Explains” series, and we get to learn about how to acquire Otomon buddies in Monster Hunter Stories. You start out by finding a monster next on the field. From there, you’ll need to sneak your way to the next to grab an egg.


You’ll want to be swift about grabbing eggs, as monsters can wake up in the middle of your search otherwise. However, it gets a little tricky with the useful hints that Nabiru provides.


He’ll say things such as: “Hmm, this is a heavy egg with a nice smell to it!,” or “Hmm, this one is a little heavy, and it has no smell,” and so on, as a way to provide hints as to what kind of egg you’re grabbing. You can keep checking out the eggs until you find one that you like, but be careful not to take way too long, or else you might be in for an unpleasant surprise. And rightfully so!


Once you get an egg, you’ll need to head over to the Stable Felyne and hand it over to stock it with your other eggs. From there, you’ll get to see what kind of Otomon and stats they’ll get. You’ll also get to name them as well.


Monster Hunter Stories releases in Japan on October 8, 2016 for Nintendo 3DS. Check our earlier report with a look at how you’ll raise monsters from egg to beast.

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