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You’ll Need To Make Sure Your Demon Lord Girls Can Hit Hard In Destroyer Trillion



We previously got a glimpse of Destroyer Trillion’s demon lord Perpell demonstrate how to power up and fight. Unfortunately, she didn’t do too well in the first video. Let’s see how Mammon fares in her place.


As mentioned before, when Perpell tried to take on Trillion and his one trillion HP, she couldn’t even manage to do any damage after doing a bit of training in the first video. In the second part, Mammon will see iff she can do a little better.


The reason Perpell couldn’t do any damage was due to her attack being a bit too low, so she couldn’t even begin to scratch the surface of the boss and his massive amount of HP. In this video, Mammon shows how you’ll get to train and focus on your ATK points, so that doesn’t happen.


In order to do this, you’ll need to grind some more and do training that focuses a bit more on your battle spirit points, which is shown at the 0:52 mark, and we can see how it went up by +31 points. They also got a 20% bonus exp for getting help from a couple other demon lords.


Using the acquired battle spirit points, charm points, and sense points, you can boost up your demon lord’s overall ATK stats. This will allow you to focus on different builds for each character depending on their strengths and weaknesses.


Next, they show Mammon fighting Trillion at close-range, doing about a billion damage per hit, which isn’t that bad. Magic damage can be done from more of a distance, and is recommended against Trillion, who uses a range of powerful attacks that hit his surroundings. You’ll need to calculate your distance while taking him and his minions on. If things get too dangerous, you can always escape, and challenge him again later.


Destroyer Trillion is slated for release in Japan on July 23, 2015 for PlayStation Vita.

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