You’ll Unveil A Woman’s Life By Solving Beautiful Puzzle Worlds In Niko: Through The Dream



As the trailer for Niko: Through The Dream explains, dreams can be read as a form of internal language that warn us when something in our lives is wrong, or may inform us of what we fear. Niko, the game, weaves the dreams of its titular protagonist into puzzle worlds that communicate these messages.


Each minimalist, white-washed level is a form of happiness, solitude or fear that’s specific to a past event in Niko’s life made into a physical challenge that you’ll have to overcome. You’ll do this with a mix of puzzle and riddle solving, platforming, stealth and exploration. It’s to be a varied experience that goes from relaxing to intense, tranquil to dangerous.



The narrative itself develops through the symbols and tales that are hidden within each scenario. According to the trailer, it touches upon a range touching moments as trivial as the embrace of a father and as hard as the loss of a loved one.


What you can see without an explanation is the game’s beauty. It’s said to combine dreamy imagery with touching melodies to evoke the emotions that each of the levels represent – this includes green fields, abstract sky islands, and classic Chinese architecture. Niko: Through The Dream will be available to buy on Steam on June 26th.


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Chris Priestman