A Young Man’s Deadly Dreams Bleed Into the Real World In Summer Nightmare



Riel has been having dreams of the deaths of his friends, as well as the appearance of a strange, lethal creatures in the guise of a girl in visual novel Summer Nightmare.


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If anyone happens to see the young woman from Riel’s dream, called the Medusa, they will die on the spot. To keep people alive, then, the player must follow the small clues and hidden bits of story that hint at how to survive, keeping the crew together and trying to make the best decisions.


Based on the decisions the player makes, they can unlock several endings for the game. Not all of them are hopeful, however, as the player can easily get all of their friends killed with some bad calls.


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Summer Nightmare has already been approved on Steam Greenlight for a Summer 2017 release.

Alistair Wong
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