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Your Alliances Influence Your Party In Stranger Of Sword City


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The third game from Experience and NIS America to come to the PlayStation Vita is Stranger of Sword City. Like the previous two titles, it is also a dungeon-crawling RPG. Players create a party of custom characters and head out in search of glory, loot, and a way back to their homeland. One of the differences this time is that the various factions of Escario influence your team.


Stranger of Sword City lets a player create their characters. There are five different races available, with human, elf, dwarf, migmy, and ney as possibilities. Each one’s gender, age, class, and talent are also chosen at the start. While this helps determine initial stats, affiliation with the factions in town also have an impact on characters. Two have been mentioned so far, the Strangers Guild run by the Medell Company and the Kingdom’s defenders. Different benefits and skills will be offered to the party the closer you are to a group. These perks are determined by in-game actions.


In addition to the faction system, NIS America also brought up Stranger of Sword City’s Ambush system and leaderboards. When in a dungeon, you can watch opponents before entering a battle. This lets you see if the reward would be worth fighting for or check to see if there’s a weakness that can be exploited. However, enemies can also ambush you while you’re waiting to ambush them. As for leaderboards, there are 40 different categories across which people are ranked. These can be checked at any time online.


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Stranger of Sword City will come to North America on March 22 and Europe on March 25. NIS America will be livestreaming the PlayStation Vita game on December 22 at 5:30pm PT/8:30pm ET.

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