Your Main Enemy In 404Sight Is A Terrible Internet Service Provider



A dozen graduate students from The University of Utah started making 404Sight in support of net neutrality. They figured that a videogame would be an ideal way to communicate to people the importance of such a cause.


As you should hopefully know, the FCC approved the Net Neutrality Order back in February 2015, and soon the rules that it adheres to will be put in place. This means that the big panic surrounding net neutrality has, for the most part, tempered down as internet service providers (such as AT&T, Verizon and, Comcast) cannot block lawful content, slow down the internet for you, or accept more money to get favored treatment.


You may think, then, that with this the students making 404Sight have lost their cause. Not so. “The threats to net neutrality aren’t gone now that it’s been classified as a utility, and we want to make sure everyone knows it,” they say. The students still consider their game an important resource in educating people about net neutrality and the importance of maintaining it.



So how does it work then? 404Sight is a 3D runner in which you try to get across a level as quick as possible without being throttled by the Internet Service Provider. You do this by using the ping mechanic that reveals areas nearby that may slow down or accelerate your speed.


You can check out 404Sight on Steam where you can download it for free.

Chris Priestman