Compile Heart has another game with monster girls in it. Moero Chronicle has the lecherous seal Otton and a party of monster girls in an old school dungeon crawler. Io, the protagonist, enters dungeons with a gaggle of monster girls show in the game’s opening movie.


The trailer doesn’t show any gameplay so here’s a rundown of Moero Chronicle. Players organize their party and buy weapons in town. Then you choose a dungeon from the world map to move the story forward.  Dungeons have different gimmicks like switches to pull, traps, and warp zones. Of course, you’ll run into monsters, but Io doesn’t actually fight in battle. He gives the monster girls with him commands. Yeah, Moero Chronicle has rubbing in it like Monster Monpiece, but aside from that the core looks like a regular dungeon crawler.


Moero Chronicle comes out for PlayStation Vita on April 24.

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