Ys Chronicles 1 Is Now Available To Buy On iOS And Android



DotEmu has launched the PC and PSP version of Ys Chronicles 1 on iOS and Android. It costs $4.99 on the App Store and Google Play.


As the trailer above shows, it uses a virtual stick that appears on-screen underneath your thumb for character movement. And  due to the the game’s bump-based combat there’s no need for any other buttons to obscure the screen. That said, if you have a controller that’s compatible with your smartphone or tablet you can play it with that instead, and might prefer to.



It also has a range of choice for graphics (Chronicles and Original) and the soundtrack (Chronicles, Original, and PC-88). If you’re on Android, it’s also possible to play it through your NVIDIA Shield or Android TV. It also has two game modes: Adventure and Time Attack.


Other than that, it’s the same game as you follow Adol Christin in his attempt to acquire the six sacred Books of Ys toward rescuing the cities of Estria after they were besieged by demons.

Chris Priestman