Ys VI Online Equipment System Will Feature Soul Cards


Restar Games shared more new screenshots for Ys VI Online: The Ark of Napishtim. The new images show more details regarding the equipment system in the upcoming mobile game. In particular, it looks at the Ys VI Online Soul Cards. [Thanks, 4Gamer!]

There are 10 types of equipment that can be worn by the player character in Ys VI Online, which include weapons, pieces of headgear, clothing, and rings. Each item will have one of the five rank colors assigned to it, starting with Green, then going to Blue, Purple, Gold, and Red at the highest rank.

The player can also increase an piece of equipment’s level with some twists. Starting from level 3, there will be a chance to fail an upgrade and reduce its level by one. But every time such failure does occur, it will also fill a Blessing gauge, which will guarantee success when it’s full.

Soul Cards will play a major role in the Ys VI Online gameplay system. They are used to grant the player avatar new skills or stat enhancements. A player can obtain Soul Cards from clearing Soul Card Trial quests and defeating enemies in battles. Only four rank colors are available for the cards, which range from Blue to Red. Each card will contain an illustration of characters from the title, such as Isha and Adol Christin.

Soul Cards also have categories that determine what kind of equipment can attach them, whether it’s for a weapon, ring, or defensive armor. A piece of equipment can have up to four Ys VI Online Soul Cards. Weapon cards may also have exclusive skills that the avatar can use in battles, such as health recovery or extra damage. The player can also raise a card’s level, although the chance to fail and revert the level will also show up once the card has reached level 6.

Ys VI Online: The Ark of Napishtim will be available for Android and iOS devices in Spring 2021 in Japan.

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