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Ys VIII: Lacrimosa of Dana Details More Of Its Story And Protagonist Adol Christin



Falcom updated their official website for Ys VIII: Lacrimosa of Dana on the official website, with more details on the prologue of the story and its protagonist Adol Christin.




His name is Adol Christin, do you know about him?


The extraordinary “Adventurer”  Adol Chrstin has challenged numerous adventures in his life, and left behind about hundreds of “Adventure Journals.”


This story is about one of those “Adventure Journals,” one of Adventures written on the “Goethe Sea Guide.”


“Siren Island”


By the archipelagos of the Goethe Sea located in south of Greek, Adol is on a passenger ship called “The Lombardia” that is headed from Xandria to the continent of Eresia. However, the ship is attacked and sunk by a giant creature, and Adol wakes up, he realizes he is on the shores of the cursed island, known as “Seiren Island.”

This island called Siren Island is also known as the “Eternally Cursed Island.”


A nature that has yet to be touched by man. Strange creatures that have evolved differently from the outside world. And the scattered remains of ancient civilizations.


To rescue the other passengers that were casted ashore and to protect them from the “Ancients Beings” that assault them, Adol and the others built a “Drifting Village” as their base.


Before long, Adol sees a mysterious “dream,” about a blue-haired mystical girl, and an unknown world where she lives.


Why is this island called the “Eternally Cursed Island What is the big secret hidden there?


And who is this girl that appears in Adol’s dream?


The solitary island of the distant sea, buried among the legendary waves… is where Adol’s new adventure begins!


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Adol Christin (21-years-old):



At 16 years of age, he left his his hometown located in a nameless mountain of the regions of Europe , has taken on various adventures including the ancient kingdom “Ys” and the unexplored region “Celceta Sea of Trees.”


He was on the passenger ship called “The Lamborida” while traveling across the Goethe Sea, they were assaulted by a mysterious giant sea creature, and Adol, along with the passengers go missing.


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Ys VIII: Lacrimosa of Dana will release in Japan in summer 2016 for PlayStation 4 and PlayStation Vita.

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