Yume Nikki Fan Game Will Get New “Nightmare Castle” Expansion In Steam Version



Solo developer Noyemi Karlaitė has put Yume Nikki fan game Amihailu in Dreamland up on Steam Greenlight.


As it was originally released in 2012 as a freeware title, Amihailu in Dreamland will be a free game on Steam, but it will receive a free expansion with new “Nightmare Castle” locations for the occasion. You can have a look at one of the new locations in the video above. There will also be a soundtrack download and special arrangement album available as part of the Steam release.



If you’re not aware, Amihailu in Dreamland is a dark adventure about a bunch of friends get trapped inside a strange fantasy world. “Disjointed, compartmentalized locales and bizarre characters make up the landscape and fauna of this strange world—and everyone wants out,” reads the game’s description.


You can download the original game for free right here. And if you’re interested in Amihailu in Dreamland then you may also want to check out Siliconera’s interview with Noyemi about the next game, which is called Hell Diary, and is made to emulate the NEC PC-88 aesthetic.

Chris Priestman