Fangamer Yume Nikki Merchandise Includes Madotsuki’s Sweater and Uboa

ume Nikki Fangamer Merchandise

Fangamer launched a line of Yume Nikki-inspired merchandise. This collection includes a t-shirt and sticker featuring art by Aud Zwack, a Uboa pin, and a Madotsuki Sweater. Each of these items has been made to retain the spirit of the popular doujin game and, of course, the sense of unease the title inspires. [Thanks, Famitsu!]

As mentioned above, the Yume Nikki Nexus t-shirt features artwork by Zwack. This item will also come with a special holographic sticker and will cost $24. However, stock appears low on the Fangamer website, so you may want to order this item before it sells out.

A Madotsuki Sweater is also available to purchase for $39. This item has been replicated to mimic the sweater the main character of Yume Nikki wears. The last item is the Uboa pin, which costs $10. This pin is somewhat unique, in that it will glow in the dark.

You can take a look at the Yume Nikki Fangamer merchandise below.

The Yume Nikki Fangamer collection is available on both the Japanese and English websites, meaning international audiences can purchase these pieces of merchandise.

Yume Nikki is immediately available on PC. A 3D adaptation of the cult classic title is currently available on the Nintendo Switch.

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