Yume RPG Toolkit Lets You Create 3D JRPGs Without Programming Skills



If you’ve ever thought about or tried to create your own Japanese-style RPG then you’ll probably be familiar with how difficult doing that can be. But one guy’s project is to ensure that creating 3D JRPGs is a lot easier. It’s called Yume RPG Toolkit.


The idea is that mostly anyone should be able to create their own game with Yume RPG Toolkit as you don’t need any programming skills for it. It works with the Acknex 3D Engine and is basically a template over the top of it that simplifies everything.



Coding is done by clicking on event commands contained in a series of boxes. So you don’t type anything in yourself – you only select and re-order. That said, if you want to, you can look at the raw code if you want to try to get familiar with it and eventually learn how it all works.


Creating characters, skills, enemies, NPCs, shops, and battle events is all done through a database. You simply select what you want to create and then enter all of its information into the boxes.



Then there’s a map editor that lets you drag and drop assets into a 3D space to create your worlds. You can also tweak colors, add weather effects, and even add your own 3D models if you’ve made some.


Unfortunately, Yume RPG Toolkit isn’t finished yet but most of the features are already in and working at this point. The video at the top is an intro made entirely with the toolkit. So, perhaps by the end of the year you’ll be starting out on making your own 3D JRPG with it.

Chris Priestman