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Yumeutsutsu Vita Limited Physical Editions Coming Very Soon

Yumeutsutsu Vita Physical Edition

EastAsiaSoft announced that it will release physical editions of both Yumeutsutsu Vita games in limited quantities. Pricing will match digital listings on the PlayStation Store at US$64.99 and US$49.99. Additionally, there will be a $5 discount for a bundle that includes both games. Pre-orders will open at Play Asia at 7am PT/10am ET on November 19, 2020.

EastAsiaSoft has partnered with Degica Games to produce the limited editions, the company announced via a tweet. Only 2,000 units of each game will be produced. Both titles will include the respective game, the manual, and a numbered certificate in a collector’s box. Re:Master will come with an art book, while Re:After will have a CD soundtrack. The bundle of both games will also include a sheet of stickers.

Yumeutsutsu Vita Limited Edition

Developed by Kogado Studio, the two Yumeutsutsu Vita titles are girls-love visual novel games with an all-girl cast. The heroine, Ai Otori, joins a small Japanese game studio where her sister also works. In addition to learning about her new colleagues, Ai also has a mystery to unravel.

Preorders open with Play Asia at 7am PT/10am ET on November 19, 2020. Additionally, Yumeutsutsu Re:Master and Re:After are available digitally on the Vita in North America and Japan. Both titles are available worldwide on the Nintendo Switch, PlayStation 4, and PC.

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