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Yuna From Final Fantasy X Is Now Available In Dissidia Final Fantasy NT



Final Fantasy X’s summoner Yuna is now available as a DLC character for Dissidia Final Fantasy NT with an impressive array of magic abilities alongside her Velfore summon.


Here’s a closer look with a new trailer:

Yuna utilizes an impressive array of magic abilities on the field and can summon Valefor to aid her in battle. A trustworthy companion, Valefor attacks or defends depending on Yuna’s status.


In Final Fantasy X, she is the daughter of a High Summoner. While shouldering the expectations everyone has of her, she becomes a summoner and embarks on a pilgrimage with Tidus and her other guardians.


In addition to several costumes for Yuna, Dissidia Final Fantasy NT is also getting a new Final Battlefield map and a new set of original and arranged BGMs. You can check out more in our previous report.


Now that Yuna has been revealed, there’s just one more new character to be added as a DLC fighter, and it’ll be a male character from the newer half of the Final Fantasy series that has yet to appear in a Dissidia game.


Dissidia Final Fantasy NT is available on PlayStation 4. Dissidia Final Fantasy  is available for arcades in Japan.

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