Yuri Kinetic Novel The Waters Above Follows Sea Nymphs Protecting The Stars


The Waters Above takes players to a world of magic where nymphs protect the stars in the sky. However, magic is fading and the stars are dying, leaving three nymphs and a living star to find meaning in their lives even as their world changes and crumbles.


Players will spend time with these four characters over the course of The Waters Above, getting to know the nymphs Maera, Clio, and Iris who are doing their best to save the stars in the game’s striking world, as well as Apple, the first humanoid star to be found in ten thousand years. As they grow closer to these characters, they will have to endure the sad fate that is coming to meet the four of them, following the story to some potentially-upsetting conclusions.


A prequel demo for The Waters Above, Prelude, is available now on

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