Yuri Visual Novel Atom Grrrl!! Now On Steam Greenlight, Sequel In The Works


Sekai Project has announced that the yuri visual novel Atom Grrrl!! is getting a sequel. It’s also put the localized version of the first game up on Steam Greenlight. It’s expected to arrive in early 2016.


Atom Grrrl!! is a series by Tokyo-based visual novel developer Cosmillica. It’s inspired by the work of Quentin Tarantino to tell a story of drugs, sex, and revenge – there’s also strong language and “disturbing content.” The first game contains 13 chapters and takes about three hours to get through.

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“Follow Jessica L. Huster as she returns home to the crime-ridden streets of America,” reads the description. “One little favor for a friend brings the pride of the Huster family charging into the crossfire with guns blazing.”


As to the newly announced sequel, it’s called Atom Grrrl!! -The O-EDO uprising! and, as the title implies, involves the characters going back in time to the Edo period of Japan.

Chris Priestman