Yuri Visual Novel Heart Of The Woods Explores Loves Between A Woman & A Ghost

Heart of the Woods is a yuri visual novel that explores love after death, with Maddie setting out to find proof of the supernatural, but also finding an unexpected, heartbreaking romance along the way.

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Maddie has gotten tied of doing most of the work for Tara’s supernatural vlog, but agrees to go on one last trip to follow up on someone who’s promised her undeniable proof of the beyond. Heading into the frozen mountains, Maddie will soon find a phantom that’s been trapped in the woods, Abigail, who’s held captive by a centuries-old injustice. Perhaps the player, and Maddie, can do something to help Abigail move on.

However, Maddie finds herself feeling a connection to Abigail that is stronger than anything she has felt before. It will be up to the player to explore those feelings and work to set Abigail free from her imprisonment, but this may mean setting the person she loves free.

Heart of the Woods is set release on December 25, 2018 according to its Steam page.

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