Yuri Visual Novel Kindred Spirits On The Roof Is Up For Pre-Order



Manga Gamer has revealed that yuri visual novel Kindred Spirits on the Roof is coming out in time for Valentine’s Day this year. It’ll launch on February 12th but you can pre-order it right now at the discounted price of $29.70 on Manga Gamer’s website.


Worth noting about Kindred Spirits on the Roof is that it’ll be the first 18+ visual novel to be allowed on Steam without any content cuts. Previously, only all-ages versions of 18+ visual novels have made it onto Steam.


Kindred Spirits on the Roof follows Toomi Yuna as her quiet time spent sat on the roof of Kokonotsuboshi Girls’ Academy of Commerce is interrupted by two ghost girls. They met in the afterlife, fell in love, but don’t know how to experience their “first time” together.


This is where they enlist the help of Toomi. The ghosts ask her to get more girls in the school to hook up so that they may gain the insight they need to enact the love they feel for each other.

Chris Priestman