Yuri Visual Novel Stars A Suicide Survivor Trying To Find Happiness



After a near suicide attempt, Abby returns to her home town. There, she makes friends with a group of girls who all seem to possess the happiness she lacks, but finds out they’re not as cheery and carefree as they outwardly seem in yuri visual novel Reach for the Stars.




Abby’s decisions and actions will navigate the friendships between the six girls, slowly uncovering the dark secrets each keep across the planned 150000 word story of Reach for the Stars. When players have made enough decisions to lock them on a given girl’s route, their further actions will decide one of four endings with that particular girl.


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Love won’t come easy on these paths, though, and players will really have to get to know their chosen love interest for them to fall for each other. Each character is said to have a secret “which will either break or make them stronger in the end”, and the player’s actions will have to help them with this piece of their past to find happiness in the present.




A very early demo is available for Reach for the Stars from its Kickstarter page. The game is also raising votes on Steam Greenlight.

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