Yuzo Koshiro Shares A Look At The Beta Version Of Namco x Capcom’s Opening Theme


namco x capcom

Late last week, Yuzo Koshiro revealed on Twitter that he had found a beta version of Namco x Capcom’s opening song, ‘Subarashiki Shin Sekai (Brave New World)’. The song was composed by Koshiro, and vocals provided by flair.


According to Koshiro, this was the first demo of the song, and he joked that it sounded completely different from the final version. Apart from this version, he created two other versions, which sadly have been deleted already.


You can listen to the beta version here.


For comparison, here’s the final version’s instrumental:


And here is the final version (including visuals) with lyrics:


Namco x Capcom was released for PlayStation 2.

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