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Zanki Zero Producer Talks About Reminding Players The Preciousness Of Life


zanki zero interview

Zanki Zero producer Yoshinori Terasawa held an interview for the recently-announced Traditional Chinese version of the game, where he talked about the concepts of the game, how the game’s been received in Japan, and whether the game will see DLC or multimedia expansion. [Thanks, Bahamut!]


Here are the highlights:

Zanki Zero has some rather realistic elements that players will need to manage, such as hunger and using the toilet. Why was this decided upon?

Yoshinori Terasawa, Producer: “Because Zanki Zero is a survival game at its core, we implemented these measures to make players feel the pressure of survival, and trigger their survival instincts, such as where to get food, how to deal with waste, and so on.”


The Extend Machine that allows characters to revive looks extremely similar to a classic arcade cabinet. Why did you choose this design?

Terasawa: “While playing the game you’ll understand why the machine looks like this. Apart from this, we wanted to add a sense of nostalgia, which will also be touched upon in the story. Also, supervisor and scenario writer Takayuki Sugawara is a fan of these old shmup machines.”


In the game, points are needed to revive characters from death. After their revival, they will be able to resist more things based on their cause of death. Did you implement this system in order to encourage players to die more often?

Terasawa: “Actually, it’s not like we hope players will keep dying. (Laughs) Though it is true that dying a few times will make progress easier overall. In regular games, players will lose the sense of guilt over dying through the course of the game, and eventually forget to treasure life. We designed Zanki Zero to hopefully make players understand the importance of life.”


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The game was released in Japan in July. Have you received any memorable comments or impressions so far?

Terasawa: “A lot of players reacted by saying that mountain boars were scary. (Laughs) I believe people who’ve played the game will understand. Also, a lot of people found the fact that you could wet your pants quite interesting. (Laughs)”


Have you considered a sequel or new scenarios via DLC?

Terasawa: “While nothing has been confirmed, we have thought about making a sequel.”


Will Zanki Zero be brought to the Nintendo Switch or other consoles?

Terasawa: “There are no plans for that at the moment.”


Since Zanki Zero has quite a good story, will an anime adaptation be considered?

Terasawa: “Although there are currently no plans like that, if I could, I’d like to present it as an anime as well. If there are any companies willing to support and sponsor it, I’m very willing. (Laughs)”


Zanki Zero: The Last Beginning is immediately available on the PlayStation 4 and PlayStation Vita in Japan. The game has a confirmed Chinese release on PS4 in Spring 2019, and is coming to North America and Europe in the same timeframe.

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