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Zelda And Diablo Inspired RPG, Hyper Light Drifter, Shows Off Its Combat




Hyper Light Drifter, which managed to more than exceed its Kickstarter stretch goals, has shown off the first, pre-alpha video of how combat will work in the game. As the mysterious Drifter, the combat shows a smooth, easy style that’s at times frantic and fast paced and at others what could be a slower dance against foes such as those final two brown/black rolling balls.


You’ll be able to switch up between a gun (if you find one) your sword, and what appears to be some sort of force cube powers. Players can also dash into and out of combat to either quickly reach foes or evade an incoming attack. Developers Heart Machine stress that this is a pre-alpha video, so some things like sounds, animations and the level-up system aren’t in place yet.


The game, dubbed by its developers as one that “plays like the best parts of Zelda: A Link to the Past and Diablo”, certainly shows off its charm. It also looks like players will have to make tough choices whenever they find items in the world – the Drifter was only able to carry one gun around with him at a time.


The music is fantastically atmospheric so far, a hat tip to Disasterpeace aka Rich Vreeland’s work when it comes to this sort of world where the music gives as much of the gameplay as other parts of it.


Hyper Light Drifter is expected to be out some time in mid-2014 for a whole lot of platforms since it made its stretch goals (Although we missed out on the SNES de-make, awww). It will be out for PC, Mac, Linux, Ouya, Wii U, PlayStation 4 and PlayStation Vita.