Zelda: Tri Force Heroes Will Reward Players For Playing Together Locally

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The Legend of Zelda: Tri Force Heroes director Hiromasa Shikata and series producer Eiji Aonuma recently spoke with 4Gamer about some of the perks of perks players will get for playing together locally.


4Gamer notes that there’s an item called “Proof of Friendship” that is needed to make special costumes, and asks if there will be a way to acquire it via solo play.


“We’ve set it up so that you can only get it from people you’ve played with through local play or download play,” answers Shikata.



“We mainly want people to play the game’s multiplayer,” adds Aonuma. “This time around, with three devices and one software you’ll get to play with everyone, and have a good time, which is what we wanted to do with this Zelda. I believe that it might be difficult to gather with buddies once you’re an adult, but I hope you get to do so in order to collect some Proof of Friendship.”


4Gamer asks if we’ll be able to get the Proof of Friendship from playing with others online.


“You won’t be able to get them through internet play,” answers Shikata, as Aonuma explains that he wants this feature to be some kind of way for friends to get together.


On that note, Shikata explains that the online mode will let you play with registered friends on your 3DS, but also with random players. For example, if you’re only playing with one other friend, you can fill the third slot with a random player.


Aonuma explains that the reason they’ve added Wi-Fi connectivity is because when Four Swords was released for the 25th anniversary, there were many people that took notice of its lack of Wi-Fi compatibility in a questionnaire, so they’ve decided that there should definitely be a way to let you play with friends online.


The Legend of Zelda: Tri Force Heroes will release for the Nintendo 3DS in Japan on October 22nd, in North America and Europe on October 23rd.

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