Zenless Zone Zero Hollows and Enemies Teased

Zenless Zone Zero Hollows and Enemies Teased

HoYoVerse’s next game will be Zenless Zone Zero, and a new informational “booklet” explains the Hollows areas areas filled with enemies players will explore. Each Hollow is the distortion that appears in the world. Once inside, there will be anomalies, corruptions, violent humans trying to exploit the area, and enemies like Ethereals and The Corrupted.

The “Survive in a Hollow” pamphlet first explains how the Zenless Zone Zero Hollows in New Eridu work. They can pop up at any time. When they do, from the outside they’ll look like a sphere. Inside, there’s a resource called Ether that New Eridu employees or Hollow Raiders might extract. That odd air can make it difficult to breathe. Exposure to a Hollow environment can corrupt people.

As for the Zenless Zone Zero enemies, a number of hazards are referred to in the New Eridu Settlers Guide. The Ethereal are native to Hollows. In a way, The Corrupted creatures altered by the environment are too. Some humans will also be inside and hostile, like Hollow Raiders, Proxies, and Thugs. Official New Eridu government employees will also be inside.

Details about Zenless Zone Zero are still trickling out. For example, one of the last announcements revealed Anby. She’s one of the heroines folks will meet in the game.

Zenless Zone Zero will come to PCs and mobile devices. A closed beta test is on the way.

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