Zenonia’s Publisher Has Another Cute Action RPG For Smartphones



Publisher Gamevil have a cutesy action RPG available now on smartphones in Elements: Epic Heroes. You can view an epically long one-hour video of gameplay above from Touch Gameplay.


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The publishers for the Zenonia series went with a full 3D action RPG this time around in Elements. Players get to pick a class and bring a few friends—either online buddies or offline bots—and then scour the world of evil and the Dark Lord. As characters level up, they’ll unlock skills that can be unleashed during combat. Graphically, the game looks pretty good for a smartphone title, and the in-game nonsense voices are humorous too.



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The online multiplayer aspect will allow players to take on raid bosses such as dragons and the Dark Knight for better treasures. You’ll also be able to take friends around as offline mercenaries, which might be the offline bot mechanic in force.

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If you have plenty of time to kill, you can also try the Infinite Tower. The tower lets you go as long as you want, before cashing (or dying) out. Standard roleplaying fair means you’ll also want to grind it out for gems to upgrade your equipment with as well.


Elements: Epic Heroes is out now on iOS and Android.