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Zero Time Dilemma Details Its Decision Game Story And Key Characters



The latest title in Spike Chunsoft’s Zero Escape series, in Zero Time Dilemma, recently got some new info on the game’s characters and story through the newly opened official website.




December 31, 2028—Nevada Desert.

It’s six days since the communal living in the experimental facility known as Dcom.

That day, nine men and women awoke in confinement.

On the left wrists they have black bracelets that none have ever seen before—Bangle.

The start of a decision game is announced.

“This game will decide on the lives of you, me, and mankind.”

Afterwards, they were moved to an underground shelter, split and accommodated into three divisions of C, Q, and D.

Which team will survive?

The fate of humanity, the future of eight billion, will depend on their decision.


Zero Time Dilemma is an escape adventure game that revolves around people trapped in a facility by the mysterious “Zero.” The game is set in an underground bomb shelter and its three divisions, along with a central elevator hall, and its nine trapped people.


In order to make it back above land, you’ll need to pass through the central elevator hall, but it’s locked by a door [X Door] that requires six passwords to unlock, and in order to obtain a password, one must die. The player will face the decision of whether they should go along with the game or find another way to escape…


The “Cinema Part” scenes won’t have text windows, but will feature voiced conversations. The characters and their fully-voiced scenes are expected to bring out a sense of reality you’d get from watching a live action TV show or movie.


Here’s a look at the key characters of the Zero Time Dilemma:


Team C


Carlos (CV: Tomokazu Sugita): Hot-blooded and a strong sense of justice, Carlos is the protagonist of the game. He’s saved plenty of lives up until now, and has continued to care for his sister with an intractable disease.


Akane (CV: Miyuki Sawashiro): A proper Japanese woman… or at least that’s the facade she puts on, as she’s actually a shrewd woman. She’s an organizer of a secret society, and works together for a peaceful future.


Junpei (CV: Tatsuhisa Suzuki): Akane’s childhood friend. After an incident that took place a year ago, Junpei has been working as a detective in the underside of society. Since then, he’s been a man of melancholic manner.


Team Q:


Q (CV: Aki Toyosaki): A young boy with no memories. He doesn’t know what he is, and wears a strange round helmet for some reason. He’s simple and kind.


Eric (CV: Akira Ishida): Works at an ice cream shop. He has a cheerful personality, but tends to blow his lid whenever he’s in a dangerous situation. He’s in a relationship with Mira.


Mira (CV: Maaya Sakamoto): A woman with a mysterious charm. She doesn’t show off her emotions that much, with her reason being that she’s “just insensitive.”


Team D


Diana (CV: Mamiko Noto): A calm and cheerful nurse. She’s a pacifist and hates fighting, and you can always catch her with a smile on her face. She participates in the experiment after being recommended by her boss.


Phi (CV: Chiaki Omigawa): She speaks in an abrupt manner, but Phi is cool and intelligent. Together with Akane and Sigma, Phi decided to participate in Dcom’s experiment in order to save the world.


Sigma (CV: Daisuke Ono): His body is that of a 22-year-old’s, but since he’s been living a complicated and mysterious live, his mind is that of a stubborn 67-year-old man. Phi sometimes teases him and calls him an “old fart.”




Zero (CV: ???): The Decision Game mastermind, Zero. What is he hoping to achieve from the Decision game?


Gabu: An old male dog. He’s able to pass through other divisions through air vents that people can’t go through on their own. The characters will put messages in the case around Gabu’s neck in order to communicate with the teams of the other divisions.



Zero Time Dilemma will release in North America and Europe in summer 2016 for PlayStation Vita and Nintendo 3DS.

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