Zidane, Vivi, And Other Final Fantasy Characters Join Puzzle & Dragons



We’ve previously seen Final Fantasy VII’s Cloud Strife and Yuna from Final Fantasy X join  Puzzle & Dragons as part of a collaboration between GungHo and Square Enix. Famitsu shows us some of the latest from the collaboration, and a list of other characters.



Zidane Tribal


Vivi Ornitier



Cloud Strife




Here’s the list of other collaboration characters you’ll see in Puzzle & Dragons from various Final Fantasy titles.


Final Fantasy:

  • Chaos


Final Fantasy II:

  • Emperor Meteus


Final Fantasy III:

  • Cloud of Darkness


Final Fantasy IV:

  • Zeromus


Final Fantasy V:

  • Neo Exdeath
  • Gilgamesh


Final Fantasy VI:

  • Kefka


Final Fantasy VII:

  • Cloud Strife
  • [? ? ?]


Final Fantasy VIII:

  • Squall Leonhart
  • Rinoa Heartilly


Final Fantasy IX:

  • Zidane Tribal
  • Vivi Ornitier


Final Fantasy X:

  • Tidus
  • Yuna


Final Fantasy Type-0:

  • Ace


Final Fantasy Legends: The Space-Time Crystal:

  • Emo


Mobius Final Fantasy:

  • Wol


More details on Puzzle & Dragons’ Final Fantasy collaboration will be revealed in the near future.

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