Zinetendo Celebrats Nintendo Games With Nearly 50 Pages of Comics, Illustrations



Zinetendo is a Nintendo fanzine that comprises 46 pages full with illustrations and comics that celebrate Nintendo games and characters. Altogether, 28 artists have collaborated on the zine, reflecting diverse interpretations of Dr. Mario, The Legend of Zelda, Battle Toads, and many more.


Currently,Zinetendo is on Kickstarter to raise funds to cover the printing costs. It’s $3,400 just for that, and then with paying the artists, shipping and Kickstarter fees, and money for the Kickstarter rewards, the base funding goal comes to $6,800.


Speaking of rewards, for $10 you can get a PDF copy of the zine, while $20 is the minimum to get the physical copy as well as a PDF version. There are also limited edition inked drawings but they are going fast.


You can find out more about Zintendo, as well as the contributing artists and their work on its Tumblr page.



(By Sage Coffey)


(By Jason Horn and Brandon Davis)

Chris Priestman