Zodiac: Orcanon Odyssey Spotlights Its Naive 12-Year-Old Water-Based Healer

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After having put its fierce female warrior Ulan in the spotlight, Kobojo is now zooming in on the healer of Zodiac: Orcanon Odyssey’s main party – he’s a naive 12-year-old Phyltrian called Eko.


The Phyltrian race live underwater and so they’re used in the city to purity the reservoir. Eko has lived there his entire life with his siblings and has hardly experienced the world beyond that. Eko ends up joining Cael after a disaster hits the city’s water supply.


From there, Eko is forced to grow up quickly as he travels across the world fighting for the future of Orcanon. Along the way, he develops a crush on winged warrior Kadyn but gets on less well with the well-disciplined Ulan.


Beyond this, Eko is determined to return to his homeland be reunited with his mother and father, King and Queen Totosu. But before that, he sets out to seek revenge against the Geckal, who has enslaved his people.


Eko’s moveset makes use of his command of water. He does have attacks, but is mostly useful for being able to leech health from enemies, heal all party members at once, and sacrifice some of his own health to restore the wellbeing of another party member.


You can find out more about him on Zodiac’s website.

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