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Zoids Wild: King of Blast Teaser Trailer Shows A Glimpse Of Its Action



Takara Tomy recently revealed the release date and full title, Zoids Wild: King of Blast, and we got a first look at some of its action with a teaser trailer for the upcoming Switch game.


Zoids Wild: King of Blast emphasizes flashy action with simple controls. You’ll get to perform various special attacks with the press of a button.



The “Wild Blast” is a super special action that comes with its dynamic effects as seen in the manga and anime. You’ll get to see things like hidden weapons inside Zoids, power-ups, and more from activating the Wild Blast.





From lion types to scorpion types, or even sarcosuchus (extinct crocodile) types, and more, Zoids Wild: King of Blast features all kinds of unique Zoids. It features the protagonist Arashi from the anime and others who are all voiced by the same cast from the anime.



The above is a look at the Wild Liger Evil. Armor parts come included with first-print copies of the game.



The Armor Parts Kit is compatible with the Real Moving model kits for ZW01 Wild Liger and ZW15 Kakusei (Awakening) Wild Liger.


Zoids Wild: King of Blast releases for Nintendo Switch in Japan on February 28, 2019.

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